Remembering Bonnie

I'm putting together a sort of memorial to Bonnie. I've put up some old photos, and I'll be writing something soon. I'm hoping others can send me things that I can add to this page.

Please send photos or stories or sentiments to

This looks like it was taken in Chattanooga. For just a few years in the late 1940s the family lived in Chattanooga where Bonnie was born. She was embarassed putting that down on job applications because she was afraid then people would expect her to talk funny.

Bonnie had a lot of pet turtles, mostly of the dimestore with the plastic palm tree variety, but here she has a full-sized one.

This must be Bonnie's birthday I think I can count four candles. Vivian has one of our many cats, and I have the feared piano accordian. I wanted to learn how to play one, but it became sheer torture when it turned out that I had no ability, and had to practice an hour every day in the sweaty summer. Vivian volunteered for it too and suffered the same torture. Bonnie watched us in constant fear that her time would come too, but after our two failures she was spared the experience.

A professional photo. I don't remember the occasion.

Graduating from Gage Park High, 1964.

Cutting the cake at the wedding.

This is the van that took them to California.

This looks like their first Christmas in San Francisco. The cat must be Digby

I think this was taken on a trip back to Chicago.

Another formal photo.